Roger Waters

Photo by Jim Bricker


Past Event
$55 to $250

Location Info:

Toyota Center
1510 Polk
Houston, TX  77002
Few in the world of modern popular music have thought as big as Roger Waters, and fewer still have had the resources to make those thoughts a reality. This is true of his stage shows, obviously, The Wall Tour being so massive it made Kanye’s mountain look like a molehill, but it’s also true of the subject matter he tackles. It’s hard to believe the group that released “Seamus” also released Animals and The Final Cut, but Roger Waters had a vision, and in the process wrote songs that are scarily relevant to the world today. It seems only fitting in the age of Trump that he’s back with his first new album in 25 years, a record that shows he still has a fire inside him, one that has burned solidly since millions heard the words “but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” The release of Is This The Life We Really Want? means it’s time for Waters to hit the road again for another live-music spectacular, visiting some markets for perhaps the final time. And he’ll do it the way he’s done it for so long now, speaking truth to power, whether the songs are brand-new or decades old.
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