Ron Jeremy, Dante and Rebekah Kochan at the Joke Joint

Ron Jeremy, Dante and Rebekah Kochan at the Joke Joint

Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy

[Organizer's description:] Dante recently wrote, directed and starred in the new comedy film Bro What Happened?, starring Lorenzo Lamas, Jamie Kennedy, Bobby Lee and his fiancé and co-writer Rebekah Kochan. The movie is a cross between Super Bad and The Hangover.

In 2014 Dante co-starred with Vinnie Jones in the casino heist Rivers Nine. He also writes, directs and produces many of the commercials for the top infomercial guy in the world, Vince Offer (The Shamwow guy).
Dante is one of the top stand-up comedians in the world. He has appeared on over 40 TV shows as a comedian. He was a cast member on season 5 of the NBC show Last Comic Standing. On the show Dante received the first standing ovation ever at the Semi-finals and he won every audience favorite award. He holds the record for winning the most B.E.T. Comedy awards. Dante performs to sold out crowds all over the world, 50 weeks a year. He has also performed for more US troops than any other comedian except Bob Hope. He’s done crowd warm up for many TV shows and is the worlds only warm up comic for the extras on the set of movies. He has done this on over 60 films, including Dark Knight Rises, Anger Management, Spiderman, Seabiscuit, and Money Ball. He was also the Abbot (president) of the world famous Friars Club of Beverly Hills. As an actor, Dante has appeared in over 20 films, commercials and TV shows. He had his own sitcom on B.E.T. called The Blackberry Inn. He co-starred With Academy Award winner Adrian Brody, Michelle Rodriguez, Rob Schnider and Lindsay Lohan in the film InAPPropriate Comedy. On YouTube he has millions of views of his comedy, acting and skits. Dante is one act not to miss.

Rebekah Bio
Rebekah Kochan is one of the hottest IT GIRL actress/comedians in the world right now. Her inner and outer beauty is only matched by her talent. She has starred in over a dozen horror films and IMDB has chosen her as one of the top 100 scream queens of all time!
Rebekah is the most famous actress in gay comedy films, thanks mainly in part to her role as Tiffany in all 5 Eating Out movies. In the films she plays the over the top, crazy, slutty and bad best friend to gay men. This year she co-starred With Academy Award winner Adrian Brody, Michelle Rodriguez, Rob Schnider and Lindsay Lohan in the film InAPPropriate Comedy. In 2014 she had two other films come out as well, the award winning First Period and the musical Waiting In The Wings.
Rebekah was also a writer for Joan Rivers on the E! TV show Fashion Police.
As a stand-up comic, Rebekah is a power house. She performs all over the globe 40 weeks a year to sold out crowds and makes frequent stops to perform for the US troops. She is the star and host of the stand-up comedy DVD The Gay List. She has been compared to being Sara Silverman, Dave Attell and Lucille Ball wrapped into one. This year she will join the ranks of Bill Hicks, Lisa Lampanelli, Dave Attell, Jim Norton and Robert Schimmel as the host the A.V.N. Awards on Showtime. She also plays the trumpet, piano, tap dances, sings, does burlesque and is a trained ballerina. She has accomplished all of this and is still in her 20’s. If there is something she can’t do, she hasn’t found it yet. With her top notch talent and radiant good looks, Rebekah Kochan is destined to be one of the biggest stars of all time.

Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy is a pornographic actor currently residing in Long Island, New York, United States. Nicknamed "The Hedgehog" for his spherical hirsuteness; he was ranked #1 on the AVN Magazine "100 Top Porn Stars of All Time" list. Jeremy has also appeared in non-pornographic films with studios such as Troma Entertainment.
A porn industry icon, Jeremy's audience has always identified with him because of his average looks and humble personality. Jeremy has starred in over 1700 films, directed 250 and become porn's biggest ambassador to the mainstream over the last 20 years. He has appeared in 60 mainstream films, was a consultant on Boogie Nights and 9 1/2 Weeks, has appeared in 14 music videos, VH1?s Surreal Life and starred in the critically acclaimed Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy and Being Ron Jeremy.


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