Rough Sleepers

Poster courtesy of the artists and Civic TV


Past Event

Location Info:

Civic TV
2108 Freeman
Houston, TX  77009
You could do far worse than stick around from start to finish at this sweat lodge of self-abuse at Civic TV. LA’s Behavior has a sense of spareness and an economy of means that allow their take on hardcore some Pink Flag-era Wire-like head room. Blue Dolphin string a lean line of fun punk strung between totems upon which are carved the likenesses of the Wipers, the Judy’s, Really Red and Slant 6. Rough Sleepers are unspooling the contents of a new cassette on Miss Champagne records, featuring more of their chromed-out, decayed future jams that go as well with a night of playing the connect the dots with cigarette burns on a filthy mattress as they do with casing the streets, real slow, with a giantess like Stacia from Hawkwind sitting shotgun in a Repo Man-vintage Malibu, your skin burning and your trunk aglow.


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