Run the Jewels



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What began as a one-off on a Killer Mike album in 2012 has now grown into something that seemingly cannot be stopped. Now the Atlanta rapper with a voice born to orate and El-P, the New York producer with enough squawk to push more than two decades of underground NYC to the masses, are Run The Jewels. They’ve been known as such longer than their respective solo careers, it seems, and are now near inseparable. That’s kind of what happens after two wise guys who would be perfect for a buddy-cop movie create three consecutive sonic-boom rap records revolving around anti-establishment rhymes and police brutality. The more the duo have entered our lives, the more they’ve become synonymous with measured anger and being the voice of the voiceless. They’re festival darlings; heard often on television, in film advertisements and in video games; and yet the message hasn’t changed. The more famous Killer Mike and El-P become, the more the music remains beautiful and chaotic. Live, it’s a master class in crowd control and engagement full of taunts at the “man with a bad toupee and a spray tan” sitting in the White House, plus a little moshing.
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