Scott Biram

Photo by Sonya Harvey.


Sat., April 15, 8 p.m. 2017
$15 to $20

Location Info:

2706 White Oak Dr.
Houston, TX  77007
Scott H. Biram’s past album titles scan like the memoirs of a man with hellhounds on his trail and a sizable axe to grind: Graveyard Shift, Bad Ingredients, Nothin' But Blood. His latest, again for Chicago’s Bloodshot label, is called The Bad Testament and plays true to form, shotgun blues through an outlaw-country lens and a garage-rocker’s gear, as told by a soul who has stared death in the face and likes his livin’ rough. The man whose songs have always boasted mucho mojo is hardly about to stop now. Taking more of a hillbilly-healer approach, Jesse Dayton uses last year’s The Revealer as a means of excavating his rangy youth in the Golden Triangle, a place where the specter of George Jones still looms heavy in the air, and finds a way to renew both his holy-ghost rock-and-roller spirit and his honky-tonk attitude.
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