Sensitiv Southside Boy

Graphic courtesy of Tearful Moon.


Fri., April 28, 8 p.m. 2017

Location Info:

314 Main
Houston, TX  77002
This Friday night showcase is a de facto expo for the many ways the tick tock of a drum machine clock can fire up your heart and cast a little dot of reflected red or yellow light in the shiny void of your weary eyes. Oklahoma's Sensitiv Southside Boy brings a rap name for a band name and a Cutting Crew chic to his take on 80s synth-pop. If Tearful Moon's dark siren songs don't coax you to an early check-out, Distant Worker, sometimes described as the the Billy Braggs of dance hall, might yet see you subscribe to any number of podcasts and liberation magazines. Elsewhere in the night, the offerings at Notsuoh, the bar at the other side of the Stargate, include Acid Jeep's sizzler-take on acid house and Electric Sleep's body rocking course in the promise of the abstract and unfamiliar.
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