Sex in the Fossil Record by James Washington

Sex in the Fossil Record by James Washington

Photo courtesy of HMS


Past Event
$12 to $18

Location Info:

Houston Museum of Natural Science
5555 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston, TX  77030
James Washington admits there’s a lot of interest in Sex in the Fossil Record, but the paleontologist promises this next HMNS Distinguished Lecture Series isn’t clickbait. During the 75-minute lecture at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the staff trainer will talk about sexual selection, courting and mating; show “risqué” slides from the museum’s paleontology collection (two flies having sex! Worms are hermaphrodites!); and wrap it up with a Q&A and mini-tour. “There are a couple of specimens that show injuries,” says Washington. “Part of it will be focusing on the idea of this large, 70-plus-foot animal and imagining how the strain of mating would have been.” Pointing to bite marks, hip displacement and the stress on females when mating goes on for hours, Washington says this lecture should appeal to everybody. “Broad strokes; I want to make it fun.”

6:30 p.m. Tuesday. 5555 Hermann Park. For information, call 713-639-4629 or visit $12 to $18.


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