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The Secret Group
2101 Polk St.
Houston, TX  77003
One just hopes that The Secret Group have invested in a suitable fog machine, because this is the kind of Thursday night bill that fulfills the wish one has for a Friday night at Numbers. These are the kind of bands typically described as dark, driving, and atmospheric, except those words don't really say anything at all about anything. These are bands that got a hold of a time capsule, then bashed it on a boulder until the life inside slithered out and caught a little radiation flu. Live, Lace leaven their terse hardcore punk with a lot of verve, ambiguity, and deathrock reverb; on record they're simply seething. Austin's Temple of Angels (not to be confused with Houston's Swarm of Angels, ;)) sound like what might occur if one were to play the entire early output of 4AD records simultaneously, which is to say that the’ve rolled up tribal drum patterns, chorus-warbled guitars, occult signifiers, and mystique, into a tasty veggie wrap. Likewise, LA's Sextile are similarly stylish and time-sprung, they play industrially-juiced gothic punk in the vein of Grauzone, or a more raucous Sisters of Mercy, heavy on guitars and synthesizers.
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