Showdown at the Showcase Comedy Contest

Showdown at the Showcase Comedy Contest

Rachel Wegscheid Stand Up Comedy Showdown at the Showcase

Come watch your favorite comedians sweat for laughs as they duke it out for cash and bragging rights. The big Kahuna walks away with $1,000, so bring your friends and cheer for the win.

[Organizer's description:]

There are two things that comedians love: Cash and Bragging Rights! This contest will give them both...

Every contest encourages comedians to bring their family, friends, and fans to laugh and cheer them on to success. But the Showdown at the Showcase provides the fairest contest, because comedians' friends can vote for their friends, but they also have to vote for other comedians, too.

And unlike other comedy contests, half of the revenue generated by ticket sales goes back to the comedians.

The grand prize winner walks away with $1,000, bragging rights, and other prizes.

Rules for the contest are posted on the website,

Contest Dates and Times may vary.

So if you think you're funny, go to the website and sign up today!


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