Situation Mixtape

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Past Event

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3400 Main
Houston, Texas  77002
Situation Mixtape is the final installment of DiverseWorks’ into the midst of things exhibit at The MATCH. It’s a collaborative performance that melds a body of work from Houston-based artist Regina Agu, along with ruby onyinechi amanze and Wura-Natasha Ogunji. It’s an immersive experience of collage, photography and video in a space that will challenge perspectives. Part of the exhibit takes a deep look at issues of displacement in Houston’s older neighborhoods, and how those communities within them resist and flourish. It’s a mind-boggling dive into how change affects everyone. “By investigating all of these different layers to Houston’s diverse cultures, I hope to examine the economic and social factors that contribute to Houston’s unique cultural landscape,” says Agu, who lives and works in the historic Third Ward.

6 p.m. Saturday. 3400 Main, Suite 292. For information, call 713-521-4533 or visit Free.
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