Space City Liftoff

Inspire Productions LLC


Past Event

Location Info:

Johnny Dang & Co
6224 Richmond Ave
Houson, Texas  77057
Rappers can do certain things that we in normal life just can't. If we tried it, it would be awkward and weird-looking; you can't just stroll into your local Whole Foods with two bikini models on your arms and tell the clerk you want sliced pineapple. You also can't stand on the top of your building and say you can't see your haters. Know what they call you when that happens? Crazy. Not a boss, just crazy. Point is, Slim Thug can do and has done a lot in his nearly two-decade rap career. I've been listening to him when he was a teenager running on the Northside and jumping on Swishahouse tapes; I was barely a teenager myself. Now he's achieved some national success and become a second-tier figure (or close to it) on Houston Rap's Mount Rushmore.


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