"Spectral Light and Color" Opening Reception

"Spectral Light and Color" Opening Reception

SAMARA Gallery


Past Event
Free Admission

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Samara Gallery
3911 Main St
Houston, TX  77002
Samara Gallery is pleased to present Spectral Light and Color, a group exhibition of works by Heidi Spector, Sophia Dillo, María Schneider, and Tracey Adams. The artists combine their most recent works to explore the use of physical light and color in their pieces and how they reflect one another. Heidi Spector is a geometric artist best known for her exploration of minimalism as studied through lines, repetition, color and reflection. Her paintings and sculptural cubes composed of acrylic painted as bands of color on Russian birch, are topped with resin, creating a surface where candy-like colors pulse and dance together, alluding to the impact of popular music on her work. Referred to by the artist as “geometric minimalism,” Spector purposefully avoids injecting specific emotional content to her paintings, instead opting for bold color choices that quickly establish an upbeat and lively mood. Sophia Dillo reduces elements into a simplified approach of repetition in order to explore the contrast between substance/insubstantiality and material/immateriality. She creates works that bring attentiveness to the present moment by celebrating the ephemerality of phenomena through the incorporation of light as a medium. Her works simultaneously reveal and conceal their components, often creating a sense of dissolution of the solidity of objects through the use of translucence, reflection, refraction, layering, and repetition. In a world fixated on permanence, her work defies stasis, and reminds us of the natural cycle of things as they come and go. María Schneider states, “In my current body of work, I continue to explore how layers affect our perception as we view the world through our mental layers (experiences). I merge classical traditions- pencil drawing- and new technologies -laser printing, LED lighting. I draw familiar images and add conceptual references. I scan and laser-print them on polycarbonate and illuminate them with LED light. I play with light and shadow. As light is projected onto the image, the shadow on the wall changes the perception of the image.” Tracey Adams writes, “I've always been drawn to visual and musical patterns, especially from my study of music theory. The (r)evolution and Lumenis series involve the exploration of these patterns and its permutations, as well as the intersections between music and art. I work in a variety of media including encaustic (pigmented beeswax and resin), graphite, collage and oil.” Opening Reception: Friday, April 7th, 6 - 8 pm Exhibition Dates: April 7, 2017 - May 6, 2017


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