Spiderman: Homecoming

Photo courtesy of Chuck Zlotnick/Sony Pictures


Past Event
$5.41 to $16.27

Location Info:

AMC Gulf Pointe 30
11801 S. Sam Houston Parkway E
Houston, TX  77089
Most hero stories dating back to Achilles are fantasies of power, of the world made right through violence. What sets Spider-Man apart, outside his joyous bouncing through New York City, is that his stories are also fantasies of responsibility. Rather than just kick bad-guy ass, Spider-Man must forever fight to save his family, his friends and every stranger who chances near the fray, always in the process destroying his own life as Peter Parker. Seven years ago, in a storyline in Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man comic book, Parker vowed that, on his watch, nobody in New York would ever die again, and he nearly died himself trying to make it so; in that series’ current issue, Spider-Man bails on a brawl with the latest iteration of Dr. Octopus so that he can rescue civilians caught in the dust-up.


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