Star-Spangled Salute!

Courtesy of Houston Symphony

A big part of what makes us proud to be Americans is blowing stuff up. But it's not just the constant chain of explosions that should warm our blood, there's a little thing called freedom that's worth remembering, too. At Miller Outdoor Theatre the fireworks are free, spots on the hill are free; even the parking is free, if sometimes a little hairy, so set your watches ahead all you habitual slow boots. The musical selections are free, too, because this is America, and we shouldn't always have to pay for it. Given the current climate, perhaps it's a strange choice to remember our independence from foreign rule with a performance from a Russian symphony. To be fair, Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture was composed as a very patriotic work for the homeland, it's just that the homeland he was celebrating contains eleven time-zones and a great number of dancing bears. Ordinarily, we would never insinuate the possibility that the Houston POPS might colluding with the Russians, but these are cloak-and-dagger times. Please remember, alcohol is permitted, but glass is not, so consider packing your vodka in a thermos or a re-purposed plastic milk gallon. [Organizer's description:} Celebrate Independence Day with a true Houston tradition at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Featuring patriotic tunes and post-concert fireworks, this year’s Star-Spangled Salute showcases vocalist Ryan Shaw’s soulful sound and the spirited leadership of our new Principal POPS Conductor, Steven Reineke. Plus enjoy favorites like our Service Medley and Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.


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