Station Sound Series 3

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Station Museum of Contemporary Art
1502 Alabama St.
Houston, TX  77004
For the third time, the Station presents a rarefied racket especially designed for the kind of people one seldom sees around the tennis courts. With a very fluxus-taking-over-a-radio-shack vibe, meaning anything and the kitchen sink is allowed so long as it can be plugged in or otherwise coaxed to emit the least sound, this free concert packs a lot of music history in a little time. It's got the spa-ready, electronic instrumentals of Chin Xoau Ti Won, the dolphins-on-dmt overtures and other spooled goo of Illicit Relationship, the twangy, yurt-ready exotica of AK'Chamel, the intrinsicly hardcore whatchamacallit of White Flower, with the added delights of some high-minded qu'est-ce que from the University of Houston's professor of Interdisciplinary Practices and Emerging Forms Abinadi Meza, and harpist Kathryn Fay Mitchell.
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