Stephen Pearcy of RATT

Photo by Ted Van Pelt via Flickr Commons


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Proof Rooftop Lounge
2600 Travis St.
Houston, TX  77006
Don't mistake me, I don't mess with the kind of cheap irony you're expecting. I've owned "Out of the Cellar" and "Lay it Down" on multiple formats. Stephen Pearcy, the one and only lead singer of RATT, may or may not be a poet, but the man can write a jingle, and he has the kind of voice that stabs a tune right through like a steak knife. Although they are of a time and a place wherein the prospect of going up in hair spray-fueled flames was as likely as an outcome as a car crash, Ratt had some jams. Songs like "Round and Round", "Body Talk", "Lay It Down," and "Wanted Man" occupied a separate place in music than those of most of their flim flam peers. Only early Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, and Van Halen rivaled them for punk economy, new wave flair, and rock and roll sleaze. I tried out the other touring version of RATT years ago. It was no good with out the voice. People of Hamlin, Stephen Pearcy is your pied piper.
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