Street Military 25th Anniversary Concert


Sat., Nov. 5, 9 p.m. 2016
$20 to $250
Special Guest ~ Scarface,Devin The Dude,Zro,K Rino,Papa Rue,Point Blank,C Note,Rock One,Mike D S.U.C,E.S.G,Heavy Rotation Magazine,Andrew Dansby (Houston Chronicle) and More To Be Announced! Following in the tradition of the Geto Boys, Street Military continue to place Houston, TX, on the map as a profound hip-hop community. Made up of four MCs and a DJ going under Icey Hott, Street Military’s debut album, Don’t Give A Damn, was released in 1993 under the financial backings of Wild Pitch Records. There 1st Record deal was actually through Jeriod records. Along with High power records, Bayou city records and XBam records. Street Military is Icey Hott, Pharoah, Lil’ Flea, K.B. Da Kidnappa, and Nutt. Pharoah is a member of Street Military and is also the founder of the legendary Killa Klan. In 1997, he released his debut album Six Foot Giant on Beatbox Records. Production was done by Icey Hott, G-Rapp and Klondike Kat. Featuring on the album are the Burton Boyz. Icey Hott is a DJ,Producer and Rapper from the Hiram Clarke neighborhood of Houston, Texas, and member of South Park Coalition and Street Military. Lil Flea is a rapper from the Ridgemont 4 neighborhood of Houston, Texas. He is a member of Street Military. In 1997, Lil' Flea released his debut album A Frightening Portrait Of The World In A Violent Time in collaboration with K.B. Da Kidnappa. Production on this record was handled by Scarface, T-Mixx & MJG. The guest performances on the album are from Pharoah, Klondike Kat, Icey Hott, Papa Reu, Fakkulty & Ronnie Spencer. K.B is from Trinity Gardens on the northside of Houston. He picked up a new hobby of street rapping and participating in neighborhood rap battles. He went through different neighborhoods destroying other rappers and soon became the talk of the streets. At age sixteen K.B. Da Kidnappa joined the infamous rap group Street Military and went on to do numerous records and street classics. During K.B. Da Kidnappa's Street Military years their albums were also screwed and chopped on over a dozen of the legendary DJ Screw mixtapes. He has also worked with well known artists such as Scarface, Z-Ro, Eightball & MJG, Lil' Keke, & Papa Reu just to name a few. Nutt is from Mo City He was the most talented hype man in the game! Keeping the crowd excited at all times! Street Military,June 5th Entertainment,East Down Warehouse and the whole City Of Houston would like to to say R.I.P Nutt you are truly missed But never forgotten.


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