Strength & Conditioning for Artistic Athletes & Performers

Strength & Conditioning for Artistic Athletes & Performers

Medalist Fitness LLC

Peak performance in artistic sports and activities, such as gymnastics and dance, requires each participant to invest time outside of scheduled practice sessions to condition their body and mind to meet the extreme demands of their artistic endeavor. Medalist Fitness draws on its many years of experience in competitive gymnastics, NASA's astronaut exercise research and development program, the state of the art literature in sport science, and training athletes to implement custom tailored strength and conditioning curricula for elite physical and mental performance. We develop each participant's curriculum based on their unique characteristics and needs in the following areas: * Physiologic performance development * Injury recovery & prevention education * Anatomical & body composition (body type) * Nutrition coaching for fat loss & muscle tone * Flexibility & mobility development * Mental performance coaching Who should enroll: Gymnasts, Dancers, Figure Skaters, Divers, Extreme Athletes Meet the Coach: Lealem Mulugeta, MS, CSCS, CMC Lealem worked at NASA as a Lead Scientist where he directed a multidisciplinary team of experts to develop and apply novel technologies to design customized exercise training programs for astronauts. He integrates his many years of experience in scientific research, athletics and coaching to develop and administer individualized training programs for artistic athletes and performers, such as gymnasts, dancers and figure skaters. He also provides similar training services for other athletes, military personnel, fire-fighters and law enforcement professionals. In addition to his work with Medalist Fitness, Lealem is an active gymnast with a specialized focus on the rings apparatus. For more information, contact or visit us at: Medalist Fitness LLC 281-816-7999 4665 Southwest Fwy, Suite 211 Houston, Texas 77027


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