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$27.50 to $45

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House of Blues
1204 Caroline
Houston, TX  77002
Many a headline about Aaron Yates will involve a report about his business acumen. Four years ago, Forbes described him as "Hip-Hop's Secret Mogul," a magnate from Kansas City, Missouri whose in-house operation has generated millions of dollars with as low a profile as possible. The irony in that is Tech N9ne by and far is a literal weapon onstage. To him, music can be thrown left and right like a harpoon from Aquaman. All Tech N9ne does is perform all over the country with his elongated beard dipped in any hue of red, engage fans at the merchandise booth and move on to the next city. His Strictly Strange 17 tour doesn't appear any different than any other Tech N9ne tour of the last few years. It just remains rooted in consistency and pure energy. Last year, The Storm, the follow-up album to his 1999 debut, landed at No. 12 on the Billboard 200. It may very well be the most eclectic album released in the past few months. Where else can you unite Jonathan Davis of Korn and Boyz II Men and have it not be a marriage of nu-metal and prom songs? Only Tech N9ne can. Only someone as Strange as he could.


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