Tee Vee "Soft Spot" Casette Release

Tee Vee "Soft Spot" Casette Release

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Past Event

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Civic TV
2108 Freeman
Houston, TX  77009
The time that once was, Satanic panic prevailed in the outer rings of every major American town. Nor is it entirely unfair to note that, historically, this was also the heydey of heavy rock lead guitarists. While Teresa Vicinanza's marquee act, Rose Ette, depends on guitars and all the creatures that attend them, she also has a fey alter ego, Tee Vee, who reclines in fields of winsome electronic pop ala Hearts of Animals (the solo version, not the diabolic large-band version). I have not read it yet, but I have heard reports that the Left Behind series of Rapture reportage has it that every time a rock musician puts down their guitar, a devil is trapped by the toe and restored to eternal fire. To this end, for the release of a new cassette, Tee Vee will be joined by fellow angel of the outfield, Andrew Lee, and bird of a feather Miears.
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