The Biscuiteater - The Houston Fringe Festival

The Biscuiteater - The Houston Fringe Festival

Photo Courtesy of Jim Loucks


Past Event

Location Info:

MATCH - Midtown Theater & Arts Center
3400 Main St.
Houston, TX  77002
Jim Loucks’ rollicking, heartfelt solo performance The Biscuiteater draws on his Georgia childhood to tell the story of a small-town policeman, based loosely on his Granddaddy, haunted by his shooting of a black man in the line of duty. As he nears the end of his life, he seeks redemption through teaching his grandson to respect life and to respect himself. Growing up in South Georgia, the son of a hellfire and brimstone Southern Baptist preacher, Jim was blessed to witness some of the best performances anyone has laid eyes on. Not only his father’s mercurial, jumpin’-up-on-the-front-pew-and-wavin’-his-Bible style, but also the laid-back Appalachian nasality of Alton Mash, and the earnest, pleading sermons of Rastus Salters. And yes, they were slicked back on top and sometimes decked out in plaid suits and two-toned shoes. And yes, they scared him, and probably damaged him for life, but he got something from them. Not religion, but the feeling that comes with expressing yourself and sharing in front of an audience. On the flipside of this was the old-school yarn spinning of his three uncles. Flipside because they would sometimes “talk ugly”, when there were no women or preachers around. He remembers sitting wide-eyed in the middle of the living room and being riveted by their tales of growing up poor, fighting, shooting marbles, hauling block ice, and getting their tails switched by grandma, whom they all claimed had the best right arm in Mitchell County, Georgia. These were rough men that expressed sensitivity and humor through their storytelling. His goal is to be like that. His intention as an artist is to meld these types of performing and storytelling and bring good ol’ Southern tales to the theater. "Best Solo Performance"- Tucson Fringe 2017. “Loucks has the master storyteller’s art locked.” CRITIC’S PICK Cincinnati CityBeat


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