"The Chaos Begins" wrestling event

"The Chaos Begins" is an explosive and high-flying wrestling event presented by Lucha Libre VIP. "The Chaos Begins" has the perfect combination of wrestling styles from the best wrestlers in the U.S. and Mexico. Drago, the flying dragon directly from Lucha Underground & AAA, and one of the most talented and dynamic independent wrestler in Texas, Pantera Blanca, will face two unstoppable Giants: Brian Cage & Hernandez. Cage is a machine determined to dominate and exterminate his opponents, while Hernandez is not only strong and tough but not easily intimidated. That is not all, all the action and violence needs a counterbalance that is why "The Chaos Begins" will count with the presence of the beautiful Melissa Santos from Lucha Underground. Sunday, April 9th, the meet & greet starts at 3 pm in Los Rieles Houston.


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