The Damned

Photo by Amber via Wiki Commons


Past Event
$20 to $25

Location Info:

House of Blues
1204 Caroline
Houston, TX  77002
The Damned played their first gig on July 6, 1976, opening up for the Sex Pistols at London’s 100 Club, helping to start and lead the UK’s punk movement as the first band from that scene to release a single, “New Rose” (1976), and album, Damned Damned Damned (1977). Despite their legendary status, it seems they’re somewhat underappreciated in the United States compared to England. Though true punk fans in America have always appreciated The Damned, more people in the States have probably heard the cover of “Smash It Up” by The Offspring on 1995’s Batman Forever soundtrack than the (obviously) superior original recording. The Damned helped influence the hardcore scene on both sides of the pond with their fast-paced songs and rebellious attitude; later albums went in a more post-punk/goth direction, influencing many bands as well. General-admission tickets for this show, part of The Damned’s 40th anniversary tour, are only $20, an insanely good deal to see a band of this caliber.
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