The Glass Castle

Photo by Jake Giles Netter courtesy of Lionsgate


Past Event
$7.57 to $10.81
The dictates of Hollywood screenwriting can't quite constrain the wildness of Jeannette Walls' family and her best-selling memoir. Despite a tidy resolution, too many scenes whose shapes are immediately familiar from other movies, and an absurd climax that dramatizes the conflict between a daughter and her father through the wheezy beats of a romantic comedy, Destin Daniel Cretton's adaptation of Walls' book of the same name just often enough bursts to raucous life. At its best, this Glass Castle brushes up against the rich complexity of lived experience. It’s the rare star-driven crowd-pleaser smart enough to present more than one idea onscreen at a time, a paean to but also warning against cussedness that manages to exhibit some of its own.


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