“The Hive Experience at the Texas Home & Garden Show: the Hive smart home experience frees you up so you can get living

The Hive Experience - how Hive frees you up so you can get living!

Photo courtesy of Hive Let's Get Splashing!


Past Event
Entry to Texas Home & Garden Show

Location Info:

NRG Center
One NRG Park
Houston, TX  77054
At the “Hive Experience,” you can discover how you can make your home smarter with Hive so you have time to enjoy the important things in life, whether that’s splashing down into a swimming pool or venturing into another world with your little one – experience it all here! Specific interactive experiences for the both adults & kids include: Let's Get Exploring: Lay, sit, or stand under a tree form made out of mirrors. In this experience, look up, and see yourself standing atop another world. The Milky Way galaxy, is rendered in large scale image on the ground. You can explore lighting conditions of these other worlds can via Hive's smart lights hidden in the trees. Let's Get Splashing: Get splashing and dive into the weekend. This experience uses Hive's motion sensors and colored bulbs to let you take a selfie as you slide into a ball pit swimming pool and also lets you picture yourself outside grilling, not worrying about your home.


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