The Holy Mountain

Screenshot via Alamo Drafthouse courtesy of ABKCO


Past Event
A little too long for a midnight movie, a little too all-consuming for dinner theater, The Holy Mountain is Alejandro Jodorowsky's big work, a freaked-out freak-out concerning alchemy and the hidden order of things, including, among other things, big hats, the kind you see at festivals these days, due to the resurgence of this film among neo-hippies a decade or so again. More than that, The Holy Mountain is a high-water mark for obsessive production design, perhaps too outre for Kubrick-heads, but unrivaled in terms of its visual verve. Don't go in drunk, don't go in stoned, you're going to need all of your faculties to take it in. In fact, you may need to borrow some ESP and the collected works of Athanasius Kircher, too.


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