<i>The Judgment of Fools</i>

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Past Event
$25 to $45

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Rec Room
100 Jackson St
Houston, TX  77002
In a world of fools, a jester may be a scholar. With our own reality plunging further into crazytown, maybe it’s time for a little bit of escapist silliness. Enter The Judgment of Fools, the latest “vaudevillian social experiment” from Horse Head Theatre Company. Utilizing the world of clowning, improv and commedia dell’arte, the Bernardo Cubría play is getting a perfectly timed regional debut this close to election day. “It’s not entirely a coincidence we’re putting up this play now,” says Philip Hays, who directs. Though not a traditional improv show, the play does have a trained improviser as the lead. “It’s not ‘give us a suggestion and watch us build’; it’s more ‘we’ll build your suggestion,’” says Hays. “Obviously, [Brendon Duran] has improv skills useful for those moments when the script is unscripted, but he’s also super-bright and passionate about issues. Even though this play is interactive, bumbling underneath this is a show about people.”

8 p.m. October 27 and 28, and November 3, 9, 10 and 11; 8 and 10 p.m. Saturdays. Through November 12. Rec Room, 100 Jackson. For information, call 281-381-4166 or visit horseheadtheatre.org. $25 to $45.

[Organizer's description:] Horse Head Theatre Co. presents the Regional Premiere

The Judgment of Fools
By Bernardo Cubría

Directed by Philip Hays
October 25 - November 12, 2016

Absurdities abound in 2016, so come blow off some steam, knock back a few and tell us what you really think! Audiences will be polled, prodded and poked as a convocation of “Fools” ask you to flex your judging muscles. Like the court jesters of olde, but in Converse All-Stars, these Fools will descend on Houston to reflect the folly of the world. But they need your help to make sense of it all. They want your thoughts, your opinions. They want your emojis, your re-tweets, your “Likes.” Have you ever want to talk back to a character, during a show? This is your chance. Have you ever wanted to bust out a real conversation with the person next to you? Do it here. Ever wanted to just stop a friggin’ play in the middle of a scene? Here, you can. The audience is the star of this show!


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