The Kraken Quartet

Photo by Joshua J. Gutierrez, Digital Media/Marketing Coordinator for Space City Performing Arts


Past Event

Location Info:

Rec Room
100 Jackson St
Houston, TX  77002
Masters of percussion Space City Performing Arts (Zach Gutierrez, Jacob Gutierrez) are kicking off a new season, aptly titled Modern Voices. First up at bat is The Kraken Quartet, an Austin-based percussion group that blends math rock, electronica and avant-garde to create a high-energy sound. Stop by one of our favorite downtown performance spaces and give them a listen and, if you find yourself tapping your toes, pick up their debut album, Separate | Migrate. The afternoon show is more of a Q&A with a performance session, and the evening show is a full performance. 2 and 6 p.m. September 10. Rec Room, 100 Jackson. For information, call 713-344-1291 or visit $15.
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