The Naked and Famous

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Past Event
$27.50 to $29.50

Location Info:

White Oak Music Hall Downstairs
2915 N Main St.
Houston, TX  77009
About five to seven times a year, a night rolls around that features multiple great acts in multiple venues, causing you to have to decide where you’ll be spending your evening. November 26 presents one of those nights for those of us who are into big hooks from bands that know their way around a synth or two. Over at Revention, The 1975 return to Houston for the first time since their quite epic show up in The Woodlands earlier in the year. That night also marks the Houston return of The Naked and Famous, who will be making their debut over at White Oak. Both groups released damn solid albums this year and both have at least one song worthy of your end-of-year-list considerations (“She’s American” and “The Sound” for the former, “Higher” for the latter). The 1975 are masters at what they do onstage, but TNAF have a stronger catalog. The 1975 are the new hotness, but you’ve been rocking “Young Blood” forever. Matt Healy is the sexy bad boy you hate to love; TNAF seem like genuinely nice folks. Really, you can’t lose when it comes to what to do this night, unless you decide to stay home. Or at least that was the theory at first. It appears as though The 1975 have added a second date at Revention, so you might just be looking at the best weekend of the year if you’ve got the cash. Do you?
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