“The Theory of Happiness”: A Collection of Paintings by Chloë H. Stewart

“The Theory of Happiness”: A Collection of Paintings by Chloë H. Stewart

Melvin Butts Artist Chloe H. Stewart & Artwork featured in Exhibition at CAFEZA


Fri., June 16, 5 p.m.-12 a.m. 2017

Location Info:

1720 Houston Ave.
Houston, Texas  77007
Stop looking! Discover: “The Theory of Happiness” at CAFEZA A Collection of Paintings by Artist Chloë H. Stewart What: Art Exhibition “The Theory of Happiness”: A Collection of Paintings by Artist Chloë H. Stewart When: Friday, the 16th of June Time: 5pm-Midnight Where: CAFEZA Address: 1720 Houston Ave, Houston, TX 77009 Music @ 9pm: Followed by music by "The Dandy Dumpster Kids" @ 9pm Also: There will be a wine tasting & children are welcome. Artist’s website: chloeartstudio.com Artist’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/chloe.helen.stewart Artist Contact: (209) 992-4563 Venue’s website: cafeza.com Venue’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/cafezahouston Venue Contact: (832) 203 8016 Description: These paintings are a product of overcoming, thriving, fighting and battling the demons of alcoholism, mental illnesses, disabilities, domestic abuse, handicaps and the distancing of myself from a loving God, until I imperatively had to grow closer to him. From the deliberate manufacture of misery in myself, through my genetic flaws plus my own choices; I use my experience of my shortcomings to paint what i feel now at this point in my life. For the most part, I am truly happy. There are sad days sometimes, but it is overshadowed by life's joyous hopeful silver lining. Recovery took internal searching. Recovery: Before & After. When you see the exhibition, you will notice on the title cards the words “Before” & “After”. “Before” depicts the feelings, before the point of my recovery. Some paintings are dark and deep. “After” depicts the present; the state of happiness from reaching a place of peace and serenity in my life.These paintings tend to be light and bright. God is love: For those suffering from the demons of mental illnesses, domestic abuse, disabilities, alcoholism, handicaps, a spiritual struggle or life itself; I hope this inspires you to seek. In my experience, happiness is found through seeking connection to other human, & seeking help from your God, as you understand your own. For me, God is love. If any quote describes my beliefs, it is this by Booker T. Washington: “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” Artist Bio: Chloe H. Stewart is an international immigrant British artist living in Houston, Texas. Chloe’s art centers on the subject matter of all types of recovery; mental illness, domestic violence, disabilities, alcoholism, handicaps, the spiritual struggle and life itself. Her work has a spiritual undertone. She uses bright colors to express a kaleidoscope of emotions pertaining to her interesting and evolving life story. The only way to understand and describe her work is to view them and have the ultimate experience for yourself. Chloe’s art studies started in New Orleans at New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) as a child. She continued studies at Cobham Hall’s Art School in the United kingdom, to The Glassell School of Art, Houston Community College central campus, and finally graduating from University of Houston in 2009. She works out of her studio in Northside Village.
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