The Wizard of Oz: Unscripted

The Wizard of Oz: Unscripted

CSz Houston Where the yellow brick road leads to is up to you in this hilarious late-night parody.


Past Event

Location Info:

CSz Houston
2201 Preston St.
Houston, TX  77003
We're not in Kansas anymore. But where exactly we wind up is up to you at CSz Houston's improvised parody Wizard of Oz: Unscripted. What if Uncle Henry and Auntie Em's farm was a space station? What if Toto was a T-Rex? Using fun suggestions from the audience, this skilled troupe of improvisers will hilariously reinvent L. Frank Baum's classic for a hilariously raunchy tribute that's never the same show twice. Come cheer, boo and lend your wicked imagination to the show at CSz Houston. BYOB // doors at 10pm // mature language and themes


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