<i>Three Days of Rain</i>

Photo by E. Moriarty

The forecast has arrived: Three Days of Rain. Theatre Suburbia’s production follows two siblings, Nan and Walker, and their friend Pip as they move through the ups and downs of settling their deceased parents’ estate. Walker has been absent for a year while Nan held down the fort; when they reconnect, the gears fly off. “I think that a lot of people are going to leave really kind of taking in the complexities of how people interact with each other and their emotions and the unexpected twists and turns that life brings,” says director Lindsay Boyd. Houston audiences get to see this show, once staged on Broadway, played by local talent Akia Lorain McPhaul, Amanda Garcia Faul and Tyler Eckert.

Starts June 2. 8:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, through July 1. Special showings June 18 and June 25. 4106 Way Out West Drive. For information, call 713-682-3525 or visit theatresuburbia.org. $13 to $16.

[Organizer's Description:]

An unresolved will and a bland journal are all that is left to explain the loveless marriage between Walker and Nan's parents, however this brittle reunion reveals that there is much more at stake than who will receive the house. Within the family drama, an unexpected twist will change the course of two generations.


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