Total F*#k@^g Blasphemy

Total F*#k@^g Blasphemy

(L) Detail, Demonic Feast, by Daniel Shaw, (R) At War with Science, by Brandon Bowers, courtesy of the artists


Past Event

Location Info:

Insomnia Gallery
708 Telephone
Houston, Texas  77023
There's always something special going on around the major holidays, and here is something that might go swimmingly with all that chocolate piled up in the basket. Insomnia Video Game Culture presents "Total F*#k@^g Blasphemy," an exhibition of unholy, blasphemous artworks by nine artists steamrolling the hard path of Goya, Durer, Hogarth, and Pushead. Though this might only be considered a family-event if your last name is LaVey or your mother's first name is Rosemary, the art here promises to live up to its name, and in a world of bait-and-switch letdowns and other cheap cons, that's no small thing.


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