Trust Me Daddy V. 3

Image courtesy of Mystic Stylez.


Past Event

Location Info:

The Space HTX
2005 Commerce
Houston, Texas  77002
Although the out-of-town producer Kingdom is the marquee draws here, insofar as there is any marquee of which to speak at this mystery spot, it's actually the Texas talents, Santa Muerte, House of Kenzo, Miguel Flaco, and Noey Lopez, that warrant your early arrival. Pick up some arch supports from your local co-op; House of Kenzo specializes in an in-your-face, freak street kind of club dancing, jacked up on theater and intentional lighting. A little more discreet, almost to the point of camoflauge, dressed-down and turned-up, Flaco and Lopez cut their thumbs on the rough edges of techno, in order that your thumbs remain intact for special thumb-based dance routines of your own devising.
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