Urgent Narratives: Unearthing the Stories Inside You Through Raw Journalling

Urgent Narratives: Unearthing the Stories Inside You Through Raw Journalling

Altered Image based on Sabrina Ward Harrison's work Urgent Narratives, September 23, 2017, 112-4 pm


Past Event

Location Info:

Campesino Coffee House
2602 Waugh Dr
Houston, TX  77006
For the four hours that you spend with us in the intimate back room of Campesino Coffee House in Montrose, forget about typing on computers and only writing in neat lines on blank white pages. Let go of your inner censor and the internalized rules that are holding you back from telling the stories that urgently want to be told. Follow your curiosity down the path to more freedom and authenticity in your storytelling. Using the journals of Frida Kahlo and other artists and writers as guiding examples, participants will playfully explore different techniques and strategies for raw creative expression. Spanish and English-language writer Patricia Coral will introduce strategies to break through self-censorship and present exercises that encourage you to reach outside your comfort zone. Whether you decide to explore new forms and structures, play with colors and textures, or completely overhaul the way you think about your audience, you might see your writing process transform in unexpected ways and take home new tools as well as new-found inspiration. In addition to a wide variety of coffee drinks using local roasts, Campesino Coffee House also offers delicious pastries and empanadas, so come a little early to grab a drink or snack. And your first coffee is on us! Sharing your work is always optional. Facilitation will be in English, but you should feel free to write in any language. *The cover image for this retreat was created using an altered image by Sabrina Ward Harrison.


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