Vince Staples

Photo by digboston via Flickr Commons.


Past Event
$20 to $25

Location Info:

Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel
Houston, TX  77003
If his latest single, “BagBak,” is any harbinger of music to come, Vince Staples’s upcoming Warehouse Live show will be a fever-pitched party laced with political rage. Lines like “The next Bill Gates can be on Section 8 up in the projects,” and “Ain’t no gentrifying us, we finna buy the whole town” land with suspicion rather than hope; lay those lyrics on top of a thrumming bass beat and frenetic synth claps, and you’ve got a song that’s stitched together with Staples’s signature irony. The new track builds on the legacy of social critique that emerged in his 2015 opus Summertime '06, which received effusive praise for its creative precision and cynical voice. Staples’s deft ability to twist up ambivalent subjects in banging tracks makes his live performances a special exercise in cognitive dissonance — who knew nihilism would ever make you want to dance? But that’s what makes his concerts one-of-a-kind and worth seeing.
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