Installation detail, Satish Gupta, 12 Miniature Works on Shunya, 2017, Mixed Media on Canvas, 10 x 10 inches each, courtesy the artist and Deborah Colton Gallery


Past Event
The Tao says and the Beatles agree that "without going out your door you may know the ways of heaven." Just the same, one might make like Mr Rogers, or at least Joe Jackson, with one's best stepping-out shoes in order to hit up this mystically-minded group show about the inner life. Though Sharon Kopriva is best known for her ultra-baroque mummified sculptures, her Verde series of mixed-media works are comparatively less macabre. To be fair, these arboreal, deep forest scenes do strongly suggest the rising action in a Grimm folk tale, so they do have a Rorshach quality, alternately radiating a sense of dark action or joyful enlightenment just outside the frame. Amita Bhatt's paintings investigate the erotic horror and carnal satori of the tantric mysteries from a point of view that is both contemporary and classically informed. Susan Plum's will be showing recent naturo-alchemical drawings and a series of colorful, decorative paintings enriched by indigenous Mexican craft references. Similarly, Indian artist Satish Gupta's work attempts to render the invisible, visible, drawing on deep pools of Sanskrit lore and zen philosophy.


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