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Houston Texans YMCA
5202 Griggs Rd.
Houston, Texas  77021
“We R OST” is a service learning project funded in part by a grant from State Farm awarded to Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corp. (NRCDC) and a grant from The Wortham Foundation submitted by the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, as well as with ongoing support from the Houston Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) GO Neighborhoods initiative that seeks to inspire community building by sharing residents’ stories through arts and culture in an effort to help revitalize the OST/South Union Super Neighborhood 68 community. The project was also supported by the Rice University Center for Civic Leadership.Through TFAA’s mentoring platform “From a Space to a Place,” Youth Council members have explored and identified the needs of their community, brainstormed positive solutions and developed project management skills to fulfill their vision of beautifying the community with meaningful art. Ten doors will be displayed in various community locations such as the Park at Palm Center and Community Garden, Restoration Community Park, Beacon of Light Christian Center, and Agape Development Ministries, and will showcase artistic photographs, poetry, and inspiring messages. A reception and unveiling will be held on Saturday, June 24th to present this project to the community. Join us in connecting over 22,000 people and inspiring residents to share positive stories to transform their communities and start conversations among neighbors across generations.


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