Wham City Comedy Tour

Photo by Brightest Young Things


Past Event

Location Info:

Walter's Downtown
1120 Naylor
Houston, TX  77002
Bizarro comedy collective Wham City has been crisscrossing the country this spring, bringing their absurdist presentational performances to Texas before heading back east to home base Baltimore. Fans of Adult Swim will remember their horrifying viral hits Unedited Footage Of A Bear (a nature film morphs into an ad for allergy medicine before things turn doppelgänger surreal) and This House Has People In It (where what looks to be footage from a security camera soon documents lurking monsters while a baby wanders off and a teenager melts into the floor). Now the brains behind it all — who apparently will do almost anything for attention — are bringing the laughs to Houston for one night of crazytown in Wham City Comedy Tour. Members of Wham City include visual artists Jimmy Joe Roche, Dina Kelberman, Connor M. Kizer, Robby Rackleff, Alan Resnick and Ben O'Brien, plus musicians Dan Deacon and Ed Schrader. 8 p.m. April 17. Walters Downtown, 1120 Naylor. For information, visit waltersdowntown.com. $10.


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