What Will You Do When You Feel Their Absence?

What Will You Do When You Feel Their Absence?

Photo Courtesy of the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble 2017 Yuritzi Govea & Joe Hertenstein in "Unending."

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3400 Main
Houston, Texas  77002
With our nation divided about whether immigration contributes to the richness of our country or its downfall, more than a few of us are reminded of the 12 million immigrants who came through Ellis Island and helped make America great. For those lucky enough to get in, the sight of the Statue of Liberty must have been a relief after the long transatlantic voyage. Now Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble is taking another look at the meaning behind Lady Liberty during its performance of What Will You Do When You Feel Their Absence?, a new work for dancers, trumpet, bass and vocals. Brangwen was burning the midnight oil on this one, developing the choreography, costumes and text; Thomas Helton wrote the music and Peter Josyph contributed to the text. The second half of the evening features all new music, in the style of 1920s New Orleans jazz, performed by the Boomtown Brass Band. 8 p.m. August 16. The MATCH, 3400 Main. For information, call 832-659-5096 or 713-521-4533 or visit brangwendance.org or matchouston.org. $15 to $20. — Susie Tommaney [Organizer's description:] The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble and the Boomtown Brass Band will share an evening of new works. The program features the premiere of WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU FEEL THEIR ABSENCE? With choreography, text & costumes by Michele Brangwen and music by Thomas Helton, with additional text by Peter Josyph. Guest artist, vocalist Danielle Reich Seale, joins the dancers, Grammy-nominated trumpeter Tim Hagans, and bassist Thomas Helton for an exploration of what the symbol of the Statue of Liberty, and the ideas and ideals behind her, mean to us today. Set in an intimate bar/café that could be in any city, WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU FEEL THEIR ABSENCE? invites the audience to watch as stories unfold about how we are all connected to each other. Brangwen writes: “Art can find ways into our hearts and minds where rhetoric falls short. I have long been thinking about a wall of dance and music. A few people standing together become a tiny segment… of a different kind of wall.” The second half of the program is a set of new music written in the style of Hot New Orleans Jazz from the 1920’s by composers Thomas Helton and Ryan Gabbart, and performed by the Boomtown Brass Band. Joyous and sensuous music that is both new and from another time will have the audience soaring with its bouncing rhythms and infectious energy. Performers are Danielle Reich Seale, voice; Robin Gilbert Campos, Yuritzi Govea, and Michele Brangwen, dancers; Tim Hagans, trumpet; Thomas Helton, double bass. Boomtown Brass Band: Ryan Gabbart, trombone; Johan Keus, cornet/trumpet; Doug Wright clarinet; Mike Viteri, guitar; Morris Moon, banjo, and Thomas Helton, tuba.
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