Wilberforce, Get off that Horse

Wilberforce, Get off that Horse

Photo by Nathan Kiergaard


Past Event

Location Info:

The Burrow
5102 Bell
Houston, 77023-2002 
Every time a new artist-run, living room gallery pops up in town, a city founder is forgiven .0008 percent of their time in purgatory for their crimes here on earth. This goes double for the kind that cater to dada encounters. "Wilberforce, Get off that Horse" features work by Blair Truesdell, Nathan Kierkegaard, Jet Propelled Insectivore, and Lukas Wade, with music by James Walter Trimble. So, all you mavens and mavericks and all you pillars of society, be glad that new Fifth Ward art mystery spot the Burrow, about which we know so little (and yet so much) is here to help you wash off that spot. Likely, it'll be a hot and intimate affair, so bring something cold and canned and we don't mean that stand-up routine you've been prepping for open mic night at the Houston Club.


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