WONDERLAND-Part One: the arrival

WONDERLAND-Part One: the arrival

josh jordan A new film-WONDERLAND: the arrival


Past Event

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The Red Door Theatre Company
4513 Red Bluff, Pasadena
Pasadena, TX  77503
The Red Door Theatre Company Presents… A new film: WONDERLAND – the arrival 4/21-4/29 The caterpillars of Wonderland must find an important treasure in order to insure their survival; which includes making sure Alice Liddell meets the legendary Queen of Hearts. Part One of this epic story brings us a vision of a Wonderland before the time of Alice. Starring: Kennedy Marks, Slater McEachern IV, Danny Painter, Cassidy Cox, Sarah Painter, Alexis Robles, Jeremi Zabel, Ayden Molina, Abigail Marks, Ava Zabel, Bethany MacLachlan, Meg Velez, John Harmon, Emma Lamb, Salome Valero, Alex Garcia, Ashleigh Painter, Emily Wengenroth, Penelope Rowe, Harmony Hardin, Willow Cleveland, Mikey Munoz, Ariel Molina, & Laura Hardin


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