A Fistful Of Soul

10:00 p.m. third Fri. of every month, 10:00 p.m. October 17
Big Top Lounge
3714 Main Houston, TX

Price: Free

A Fistful of Soul

Since the turn of the decade, the collective of DJs who call themselves A Fistful of Soul have become one of the Houston music scene’s true feel-good success stories. What began as a small group of collectors who enjoyed seeking out rare soul/R&B 45s , which they played for their friends in the old Mink’s miniscule front room, has now long outgrown the Big Top and regularly packs the Continental Club’s spacious backyard. The only concession the DJs have made to the monthly event’s runaway popularity are throwing a few more “golden oldies” into the mix, but any sticklers are too busy dancing to even notice. Fistful deserves a spot high on any “best place to bring people from out of town” list there is. Please enter through the Big Top, as always.

Chris Gray



Big Top Lounge

3714 Main Houston, TX

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