The Pan-Cultural Film Festival Schedule

The Lineup:

Thursday, February 10 Angelika Film Center

5 p.m.: The Opium War (China/UK)

Friday, February 11 Museum of Fine Arts

noon: Chimera House (U.S.)

2 p.m.: Nu-Shu - A Hidden Language of Women in China (U.S./China)

3:30 p.m.: Why Did They Kill Their Neighbors? (Rwanda/Japan)

5 p.m.: The Cowboy and the Ballerina (U.S.)

7 p.m.: Surname Viet Given Name Nam (U.S./Vietnam)

9:30 p.m.: Return with Honor (U.S.)

Saturday, February 12 Museum of Fine Arts

4 p.m.: Elippathayam (India)

7 p.m.: A Tale of Love (U.S.)

10 p.m.: Two Stage Sisters (China)

Sunday, February 13

1 p.m.: Glassell School of Art: Shorts; Past Time (U.S.), Sorrow's Child (U.S.) and Slender Existence (U.S.)

3 p.m.: Glassell School: Shoot for the Contents (U.S./China)

7 p.m.: MFAH: Mathilukal (India)

10 p.m.: MFAH: The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun (Senegal)

Tickets $5-$6. For more information, call (713)527-9548.

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