Hiram Butler Gallery

4520 Blossom St.
Houston, TX 77007


  • Tue-Sat 10am-5pm

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  • “Richard Serra: Prints”
    1 year ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez

    Few American artists have had the impact of Richard Serra. Known for his landmark sculptural work, Serra has focused on drawing since the early 1970s, experimenting with various techniques including the use of charcoal, ink and pain...

  • ''The Out List''
    2 years ago by Nancy Ford

    The Hiram Butler Gallery celebrates LGBT National Coming Out Month with Timothy Greenfield-Sanders's ''The OUT List.'' The gallery is a longtime promoter of LGBT-themed art and artists (it was Hiram Butler's founder and namesake who...

  • John Cage and the Burden of Choice
    2 years ago by Meredith Deliso

    If there's one word John Cage is associated with, it's chance. It's crucial to the experience of his signature work, the silent composition 4'33", as well as his process in a variety of mediums. Cage relied on chance in the composit...

  • The Beauty's in the Clean Simplicity at Hiram Butler Gallery
    3 years ago by Meredith Deliso

    There's a joke the curator Walter Hopps once told about Hiram Butler Gallery that goes something like this (and I'm horribly paraphrasing): If there were three items in the gallery, are you afraid it would be too cluttered? It's fun...

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