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  • Deep Cuts, Guests Give House of Creeps a Sweet Saturday Night
    7 months ago by Alyssa Dupree

    Deep Cuts, Ratboys, Dollie Barnes, Michael Parallax Houston House of Creeps July 18, 2015 On Saturday, House of Creeps hosted what was arguably one of the best lineups in the venue's recent history, proving yet again why it has beco...

  • Local Punks Step Up to Help Save Maximumrocknroll
    9 months ago by Nathan Smith

    Let’s face it: the Internet has not been too good to Maximumrocknroll. Indisputably the ultimate punk-rock ‘zine, founder Tim Yohannan’s monthly soapbox of record reviews, artist interviews and political screeds spent nearly two unc...

  • L.A.'s the Sloths Crawl Back From the Grave
    11 months ago by Rocks Off

    Written by Art Tavana/LA Weekly Jason Voorhees' gimmick in Friday the 13th is that he never stays dead. He's the campy horror equivalent of '60s garage rock, back from the grave whenever we need knuckle-dragging escap...

  • Camera Cult Kicks Off Evening of House of Creep-y Fun
    11 months ago by Alyssa Dupree

    Camera Cult, Hank & Cupcakes, Say Girl Say, Sphynx Houston House of Creeps February 27, 2015 It's not every day that you get to catch the first-ever live performance of what could be Houston's next big act, but I was lucky enough to...

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