Ruthie's Place

1829 Richmond
Houston, TX 77098
This easy to miss, but not to be missed, dive is located right on Richmond Avenue snuggled behind a small parking lot. The icehouse's central attraction is probably either the "Bad Ass" jukebox or solitary pool table, but the giant TV in the corner usually tuned to ESPN is no shrinking violet. A grill on the back patio is available for cookouts; bring your own meat, though. Ruthie's is cash-only, but does have its own ATM for your convenience. This place gets a bad rep as being some sort of hipster-ridden dive, but we all know that good times don't care how expensive your bicycle was.

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    9 years ago by Greg Wood

    It's a Monday night -- my birthday, in fact -- at Ruthie's (1829 Richmond). I'm there with my buddy, whom we'll call, for child custody reasons, "my buddy," and we're drinking pitchers of beer. Ruthie's is a dive by just about any d...


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