Station Theater

1230 Houston Ave.
Houston, TX 77007

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  • The Fight Club Guide to Valentine's Day: Help for the Unromantic, Unattached and Lazy
    10 months ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez

    So it's Valentine's Day and there are dozens of romantic dinners, parties and performances planned all around town. For the truly enamored, a big bouquet of roses, a candlelight supper, some candy and a diamond engagement ring shoul...

  • Welcome to the Leighzahood
    11 months ago by Kristina Nungaray

    Houston-area playwright and actress Leighza Walker’s new show, Welcome to the Leighzahood, is a one-woman performance in which she hopes to share herself truthfully and honestly with the audience. Welcome to the Leighzahood is...

  • Observations From the Leighzasphere
    12 months ago by Phaedra Cook

    Performance artist, playwright and storyteller Leighza Walker is putting on a one-woman show called Observations From the Leighzasphere. Walker was inspired to create Observations after watching comedian Bill Hicks’s landmark ...

  • 20/20/20
    2 years ago by Jef with One F

    A lot of comedy is about doing it short and fast. Clubs know that if they keep a comedian between the five- and ten-minute mark on set time, if the crowd doesn’t like them, at least it’s not too long before the next act ...

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