White Swan

4419 Navigation
Houston, TX 77011
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White Swan

Larami+Culbertson That%27s+Jim+Jones+Jamboree+onstage+at+the+White+Swan%2C+so+who+knows+what%27s+in+that+cooler%3F

From the outside, this music venue on Navigation built in the late 40s looks like a run-down corner store. But once inside all those memories of Cokes and candy are coated over with Budweiser posters plastered on the wall and beer paraphernalia scattered literally everywhere. White Swan is also one of the best places in town to catch punk, grind and noise bands away from the usual spots and attitudes found in Montrose. If you feel like drinking a lot but are on a budget, they offer eight dollar half-gallon jugs of Budweiser draft, as well as a wide selection of bottled beers to choose from.

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