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C & F Drive Inn

6714 N. Main Street Houston, TX 77009 | Heights | 713-861-0704

Location Description:

The C & F stands for Cortez and Family, and this Heights neighborhood ice house has indeed been run by the Cortez family since opening in 1987. C & F has some of the cheapest beer we have come across in the city, a bucket of domestic for only a jaw-dropping $3.25. Schoolteachers, lawyers, auto mechanics, and people from every other conceivable walk of life from the neighborhood and beyond drop in for the cheap drinks and laid-back, friendly atmosphere. A game of pool costs only 50 cents, but if you knock the ball off the table you are required to put a dollar into the jukebox. The jukebox is of the Internet variety, and our bartender informed us that classic rock, Selena and Tom Jones are among some of the favorites. A corner full of games resembling video-poker machines out of Las Vegas sits with a warning sign advising “for amusement only.” The back yard allows for occasional barbecues and games of horseshoes and washers. Football is big here, with the Houston Texans the favorite pro team and Texas Tech and especially the University of Texas the preferred college squads. Former UT Heisman winner and Houston Oilers legend Earl Campbell even stopped in for a beer once.